The Wacky World of Architecture
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You have reached the most exciting part of a remodeling project – The DESIGN!

This is where you see your wants and dreams come to life. This is where the possibilities come alive. This is what architecture is all about. This is where a creative architect that is an expert at residential remodeling projects, takes your existing house and creates your newly designed home, functional and beautiful. Gone are all the issues that disturbed you, that irritated you, that annoyed you. They have been replaced with an entirely new floor plan, new spaces, new uses, NEW DESIGN.

If you and your architect have met and feel that this “relationship” is a good fit, if you have communicated your needs and desires to your architect, and if your architect has truly listened, then they are now showing you design possibilities for your project. You are asking about your “what if” scenarios. Your architect has responded with additional design possibilities. That’s it! If we take this part of Plan A and this part of Plan C, but nothing from Plan B (because it doesn’t fit our likes and lifestyle like the other solutions), and combine them, then we would have a perfect solution. Done!

Your architect has just designed an entirely new space for you and your family. It is exactly what you needed and wanted your home to be. You have seen the possibilities and have made educated decisions. There is a tremendous joy in the knowledge that you now have a design to provide you everything you wanted in your home. It is beautiful! It is more functional that it ever has been! You can hardly contain your excitement. Enjoy this feeling while it lasts. Once the dust, noise, and disruption of construction starts, you will quickly forget how happy you were with the design…until the construction is over. Then, once the noise and dust have dissipated, and the disruption no longer exists, you will look around at your project in amazement and think to yourself, thanks to my architect (and contractor), we have an incredible new design to our recently remodeled home…and that’s exactly what we wanted!

Let C3 Architecture & Design CONSULT with you about your needs and wants, CONCEIVE functional and beautiful designs, and CREATE the spaces you had always dreamed about.

I will end with that thought, but only for now. I will return with more adventures into the Wacky World of Architecture. Have a wonderful day!

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