Things to Consider Before Remodeling

Your needs vs. Your wants
Your must-haves
Your need for additional space
Your budget
Your need for additional financing
Your time frame for the project
Your time frame for living in this home
Your comfort level for workers in your home
Your ability to cope with dust, dirt, and noise
Your design style
Hiring the appropriate architect
Hiring the appropriate contractor
Your ability to communicate

Pre-Purchase Consultation

Another way we are a little different!

Our pre-purchase consultation service allows us to work closely with realtors and home buyers. Often, your dream home doesn't fall into your lap exactly the way you want it. We will come into a home that you are considering buying and let you know what it would take to make your dream a reality! Know what you're getting into before you even make an offer!

Important Numbers

Duke Energy: 800-634-4300 (Gas) & 800-543-5599 (electric)
Greater Cincinnati Water Works: 513-591-7700
Municipal Sewer District (MSD): 513-352-4900
Cincinnati AIA: 513-421-4661
Cincinnati BBB: 513-421-3015
Building/Zoning Departments:
     City of Blue Ash: 513-745-8528
     City of Cincinnati: 513-352-3271
     City of Lebanon: 513-228-3171
     City of Loveland: 513-683-0150
     City of Madeira: 513-561-7228
     City of Mason: 513-229-8520
     City of Montgomery: 513-792-8309
     City of Wyoming: 513-821-7600
     Amberley Village: 513-531-8675
     Village of Indian Hill: 513-561-6500
     Butler County: 513-887-3205
     Clermont County: 513-732-7213
     Hamilton County: 513-946-4550
     Warren County: 937-425-1290