What is an Architect? The professional person, registered by the state,
equipped by education, training, and experience,
to guide you through the design and construction
of your building or renovation project.
Why Hire an Architect? An architect should be the first professional
you consult once you have decided to proceed
with any type of building project,
large or small, remodeling or new construction

Services Provided

Services May Include...

Pre-purchase consultation
Site selection assistance
Building code analysis
Design possibility study [DPS]
Conceptual design
Design development
Construction documentation
Interior design
Project management
Periodic Construction Observation

Questions to Consider

What are the important issues with your project?
How will the architect gather information about your needs, goals, etc?
How will the architect establish priorities and make decisions?
Who from the firm will you be dealing with? Who will be designing the project?
How does this architect establish fees? What would the fees be for this project?
What are the steps in the design process? What is the architect's design philosophy?
What does the architect expect the owner to provide? How busy is the architect?
How long does the architect expect the project will take to complete?
How interested is the architect in the project? What sets this architect apart?
What services will the architect provide? How disruptive will construction be?