The Wacky World of Architecture
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Imagine for a moment, entering into an Architectural Agreement to design a major remodeling to your home. You’re not really sure what you want, you think you know what you need, you don’t have any idea what it will cost and you’re not even sure if what you think you want can be created. What a predicament. The problem is that most Architectural Agreements provide everything from as-built existing plans and elevations to finished construction documents for permits… all or nothing!

But you don’t need construction documents yet! You need an architect that will perform the “design” of your project with only a limited commitment on your end. You need our LCA – Limited Commitment Agreement! You and your architect will go through the process of a DPS, a Design Possibility Study. What is that you ask? It is exactly what it is called, a study of various design possibilities to provide you, the client, different solutions to resolve your design needs and wants.

By going through the DPS, the client is able to get all of their “What if” questions answered. What is we made this room 4 feet wider, what if we turned this room 90 degrees, what if we took out these walls, and so on. Let’s examine the possibilities during this design phase, so you don’t have any remorse after your project has been built. You won’t have to ask yourself “What if…”. You will already know the answer to that question because you had been enlightened during the Design Possibility Study.

After going through this Limited Commitment Agreement, the client is able to make an educated decision, at a greatly reduced cost, as the whether to proceed with their remodeling project, wait to start the project, or decide to scrap the project entirely. Whichever decision they make, it will be from an educated position because they has at least committed enough of their time and resources to go through the Design Possibility Study in order to get all of their questions answered. Do not be in a hurry. Ask questions. Get answers. Make educated decisions. Have fun and enjoy the possibilities.

Let C3 Architecture & Design CONSULT with you about your needs and wants, CONCEIVE functional and beautiful designs, and CREATE the spaces you had always dreamed about.

I will end with that thought, but only for now. I will return with more adventures into the Wacky World of Architecture. Have a wonderful day!

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