Keeping your family safe & your home usable


Universal Design is design that is inclusive to as many people as possible,
regardless of age, size, physical abilities, special needs, sight or hearing impairment.
Design that allows for accessibility, ease of use, and visitability by all.

Visitability Features

Wide entry doors
usable Bathroom on main floor
Zero Step Entrance

7 Principles of Universal Design

Equitable use
Flexibility in use
Simple and intuitive to use
Perceptible Information
Tolerance for error
Low physical effort
Size & space for approach & Use

Aging In Place (aka living in place)

Aging-in-place and living-in-place means being able to remain in one's home safely, independently, and comfortably regardless of age, income, or ability level. It means the pleasure of living in a familiar environment throughout one's maturing years and the ability to enjoy the daily rituals and the special events that enrich all our lives. It means being able to call your house a "home" for a lifetime.