• Initial Contact

    Client speaks directly to Architect (Friendly, Courteous, Helpful).

  • Schedule Site Meeting

    Clients communicate their needs, wants, and budget to Architect.

  • Design Possibility Study

    Look at the design possibilities. Answer client's "what-if" questions.

  • Measure & Document

    Architect measures and documents existing conditions.

  • "As-Built"

    Architect draws existing "As-built" plans (and elevations) of affected areas.

  • DPS Sketches

    Architect develops initial sketches of design possibilities (DPS).

  • Yay's and Nay's

    Architect meets with clients to review various DPS sketches. Clients communicate their likes and dislikes to the Architect.

  • Design Refine

    Architect refines design to achieve the final design of the DPS.

  • Design Approval

    Client approves final design and the DPS is concluded.

  • Design to Contractor

    Final design is sent to general contractor (Creative Contracting, Inc. or other) for final budgeting and material selections.

  • Architectural Agreement

    General Contractor enters into architectural agreement with architect to develop final construction documents for estimating and building permits.

  • Building and Zoning

    Building and zoning permit application and payment by General contractor.