The Wacky World of Architecture
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The definition of REMODELING is to alter, renew or make changes to a building or structure.  By shear definition, that is an unnerving, complicated and very difficult task.  Buildings are built to last for a long time and were never meant to be changed or modified.  This presents a great challenge to an architect – taking a building that does not function properly for the current owner’s lifestyle or needs, and transform it into a beautiful, new structure that performs exactly as the owner needs it and wants it to function.

Any architect can design a new building to function exactly as a client may need.  They can probably even make it look very aesthetic.  It takes a very different approach and way of thinking to reuse and remodel existing building stock.  To provide a client with a design that includes all the functionality that their building needs within the constraints of these existing walls, roof and foundation is a tall order.  It is a very difficult undertaking, and one to be handled by a specialist architect, experienced with this type of project and an expert at visualizing the possibilities within the given parameters of an existing building.     

But why would anyone want to go through this process as opposed to tearing a building down and rebuilding a new one, or finding a piece of ground to start an entirely new building?  Perhaps no land is available in the neighborhood where the client would like to be located.  Perhaps this client just loves the sense of style and the unique details of this building in this exact location, but the building does not function as the client needs.  An architect that is an expert in remodeling can provide that client a functional new layout to allow for the client’s current needs and wants, while keeping all the unique details and style that this old building has to offer in the location the client desires.

Why tear it down and put hundreds of tons of old building materials into our landfills when it can be transformed into exactly what the client is seeking…a beautiful new home or office with all the amenities of a modern lifestyle within the structure of an older and more stylized building with more unique details.

C3 Architecture & Design are experts at remodeling.  We have been remodeling existing buildings around Greater Cincinnati for 35 years.  We are able to see past the problems and issues that an existing building may have and provide a client with a beautiful, updated building exactly suited for their needs and wants.  

Let us CONSULT with you about your project, CONCEIVE beautiful and functional designs, and CREATE the space of your dreams.

I will end with that thought, but only for now.  I will return with more adventures into the Wacky World of Architecture!  Have a wonderful day!

4234 Mason Pointe Dr., Suite 800 | Mason, OH  45040

o: 513|242.5999   c: 513|608.1520   e: [email protected]

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