The Wacky World of Architecture
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ARCHITECTURAL DESIGN allows people to have structures and spaces created to accommodate their needs, lifestyles, and a desire to inhabit beautiful and functional buildings.

Whether an individual is building a new home or office, or they are remodeling an existing home or office, they want the building to create a beautiful envelope around themselves while functionally fulfilling their needs and wants.  Of course, they want to be protected from the elements, from wildlife, and from strangers, but on a more visceral level, they want this building to help create a sense of peace and tranquility, a refuge from the outside world.  It needs to provide them with the space to accommodate their activities, their lifestyle and their dreams.  This is THEIR space and it needs to work for them.  And if a homeowner can get all this wrapped up in a beautiful and alluring shell…NIRVANA!

If an architect listens very carefully to their client, they should be able to take the descriptions, the feelings and the emotions that the client is communicating and transform those words and feelings into a design that fulfills all their needs surrounded by a beautiful blanket.  This should not be a case of the architect designing something to fulfill their own design style or what they feel would be best for the client.  This is purely a situation where the architect designs a structure to deliver the needs of the client in a style that is comfortable to the client.  We, as architects, should educate and enlighten our clients as to options in materials, methods and design possibilities, but it is the client that makes the final decisions, not the architect trying to convince the client that this design is what they should want.  

A design project is successful when the client is ecstatic with the design of their new or remodeled home or office.  It may not be what the architect wants or desires, but it is exactly what the client had dreamed about, thought about and needed for their current lifestyle.  They love it and will use it happily for many years to come.  That is a successful project!  That is what C3 Architecture and Design strives for on every project.

Let us CONSULT with you about your project, CONCEIVE beautiful and functional designs, and CREATE the space of your dreams.

I will end with that thought, but only for now.  I will return with more adventures into the Wacky World of Architecture!  Have a wonderful day!

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