The Wacky World of Architecture
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So you have finally taken the first step in your home remodeling project and scheduled an appointment to meet with an architect that is an expert at and specializes in residential remodeling and renovations. Nice! 

Prior to your meeting there are many things to think about. It is always a good idea to think about these items ahead of time, so you will be able to discuss them with the architect and communicate your feelings: 

  1. Your needs versus your wants. What changes do you need to make, and which would you like to make in a perfect world? After considering what your needs and wants are, prioritize them. Which are “must-haves” and which could wait? Do you need additional space, or do you just need to re-design the existing space? Also, do you want to maintain the current style of your home or do you want to change that too?
  2. Your budget. As a homeowner, you probably don’t have a very realistic knowledge base of construction costs and watching our favorite HGTV only makes matters worse by not disclosing real costs. You do know, however, how much you want to spend on your project, how much you can spend right now, and in the future. Consider whether you need additional financing for your project or not. The designs should be based on your budget. There is no sense designing $250,000 projects for a $25,000 budget and vice versa. 
  3. Your timeframe for the project. When would you like to have your project completed by or what upcoming events do you have planned that could disrupt the project? Do you plan on living in your home during construction or will you be finding temporary living arrangements? If you are staying in the house, realize that you will need to endure workers, dust, dirt, and noise. Are you able to keep kids and pets out of the work areas for safety and productivity purposes? 

Be prepared to discuss these issues and any other issues you may have regarding the project. Ask questions and make educated decisions. Be thorough but have fun and enjoy the experience. 

Let C3 Architecture & Design CONSULT with you about your needs and wants, CONCEIVE functional and beautiful designs, and CREATE the spaces you had always dreamed about. 

I will end with that thought, but only for now. I will return with more adventures into the Wacky World of Architecture. Have a wonderful day! 

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