The Wacky World of Architecture
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So, you have finally decided that the time has come to remodel your beloved home. Maybe you want a major kitchen renovation, maybe adding additional space by finishing a previously unfinished basement, or maybe removing interior walls to create that open concept floor plan that you’ve seen on all the TV shows and in all the magazines. These are all terrific, viable projects that can be successfully accomplished with a great design by an architect that specializes in remodeling projects in conjunction with a reliable, professional and talented contractor. But before you begin this process, please be aware of some of the inconveniences of remodeling. The more you can be well informed on what to expect during this process, the more prepared you will be to endure the disruption to life as you know it for the duration of the project.

Remodeling, by nature, is noisy, dirty, disruptive and frustrating. That is why you need to have the right team of people involved with your project. Your architect must be a specialist in the materials and methods of remodeling…a real expert. Your contractor must be trustworthy (as they will be in your house all day long with you, your kids, your pets and your possessions), knowledgeable and professional. They must work with the client, the architect, the subcontractors, as well as, the building officials from the local municipality. That is no small task. The more communication, support and planning that the “team” can give to each other, the more successful and less stressful the project will be.

A quality contractor is NOT going to be the least expensive contractor, but he will provide you with the best value and experience, and complete your project successfully, on time and on budget. There is a price to pay for a contractor that ensures his staff is clean and presentable (they will be in your home and around your kids!), not smoking in your home or using offensive language. Their staff is well trained and takes the time on a regular basis to clean up after themselves and the various subcontractors. A quality contractor will also only hire quality subcontractors. Everyone involved must be insured (liability and Workers’ Compensation) and willing to make the extra effort to make the client happy with the project. A client thrilled with the final product quickly forgets about the noise, dirt and inconvenience during construction.

Let us CONSULT with you about your project, CONCEIVE beautiful and functional designs, and CREATE the space of your dreams. I will end with that thought, but only for now. I will return with more adventures into the Wacky World of Architecture! Have a wonderful day!

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